Hay/Bedding chopper 28″ (71 cm)

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Hay/Bedding chopper 28″ (71 cm)
Hay/Bedding chopper 28″ (71 cm) photo

Hay/Bedding chopper 28″ (71 cm) photo


In Action !

BEdding chopper

Circular shape

The circular shape of the tub and its height help to prevent the material from falling (straw, hay or other), in comparison to square tub. Its all-steel unibody design eliminates the risk of breakage hoop workout.

High quality Honda engine

The Valmetal bedding chopper is equipped with a high quality Honda engine mounted on anti-vibration mounts, ensuring unparalleled performance.

Bale carrier

Large two-bale carrier folds up against the machine when needed.

Easy spreading

Two doors, independently adjustable, allow the spreading of the bedding to the desired locations.


Bedding Chopper


Available with a 9 Hp Honda motor

Available with a 11 Hp Honda motor

Available with a 13 Hp Honda motor