Robotic rotary feed pusher


Robotic rotary feed pusher

Set up and program easily the Orbi-Feed routes to feed and stimulate the appetite of cows. Silage or hay is gently pushed to the animals by the simple rotation of the robot which is guided by a magnetic strip embedded in the floor.

Reduce manual labor, the Orbi-Feed takes care of pushing up feed so that your animals don’t miss anything.

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Increase milk production

It is well known that the action of pushing silage and hay to the cows increases their voluntary consumption of dry matter, and consequently their milk production. Indeed, they are on the lookout as soon as the pusher starts! Frequent feed push-up improves palatability and stimulates extra intake.

Robotic rotary feed pusher photo

Rotary feed pusher model:

• Operates with rechargeable batteries.
• Follows paths of magnets or magnetic strips embedded in the floor.
• Can be controlled by a tablet.


In Action !


  • Heavy unit is able to push heavier feed lines
  • Simple and reliable system that requires minimal maintenance
  • Large drum handles wider feed lines
  • Daily automatic cleaning cycles using the Orbi-Feed app
  • Easy to install, program and operate
  • Private wifi connection, no internet required