Auger feed pusher


Auger feed pusher

Pro-Feed + is a new generation with a unique auger design that loosens, mixes and pushes feed simultaneously as it travels.

The ability to program paths 14’’ (35 cm) to the left or right of the default path allows the Pro-Feed + to adapt to shrinking feed volumes throughout the day.

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Auger feed pusher photo

Increase milk production

It is well known that the action of pushing silage and hay to the cows increases their voluntary consumption of dry matter, and consequently their milk production. Indeed, they are on the lookout as soon as the pusher starts! Frequent feed push-up improves palatability and stimulates extra intake.

Auger feed pusher photo

Feed pusher model:

• Operate with rechargeable batteries.
• Follow paths of magnets or magnetic strips embedded in the floor.
• Can be controlled by mobile device, tablet or computer.


In Action !


  • Auger cleans feed across a wide path
  • Mixes collected feed back into the mass
  • Adjustable path for varying feed conditions
  • Long operating distances
  • Remote connection on your mobile device, tablet or computer
  • Can send you alerts via SMS and email.