TMR Mixer – Agrimixer

TMR Mixer – Agrimixer

Because of the very low coefficient of friction of the tub bottom, the unique rounded shape of the bin and the efficiency of the drive system, the TMR Agri-Mixer requires low horseposer and can be restarted at full capacity.

Thanks to its exclusive patented design and smooth double-mixing action, the TMR Agri-Mixer does not damage the delicate ingredient and performs a near perfect blend.



  • Reliable V-belts and chain drive system. Simple and easy to maintain, it is 20% more efficient than a gear box type of reduction. Spring loaded tighteners need no adjustement.
  • Easy door opening, just manually pull a lever or an optional electric actuator is available for automated systems.
  • The bottom and inclined part of the tub are made with 1/4” thick polyethylene UHMW. Non corrosive, it features a very low coefficient of firction. high impact strength and high abrasion resistance. In fact, UHMW polymer will outwear steel 4 to 6 times
  • The practical high unloading door eliminates the need for a conveyor when distribution is made with feed carts. As an option, a powerful, full-width hardware magnet is available
  • The mixer box is made of 3/16” steel and reinforced at stress points for more rigidity.
  • Easy to adjust, a strong chain-tightener system maintains proper apron tention
  • All the bearings are located outside the tub to prevent any contamination from silages acids


MX-800 with a mix capacity of 112 Pi³

MX-1200 with a mix capacity of 186 Pi³

MX-1600 with a mix capacity of 273 Pi³

MX-1700 with a mix capacity of 280 Pi³

MX-2000 with a mix capacity of 335 Pi³