Automated feeding system

Make your life easier

Valmetal was one of the first company in the world providing robotic feeding systems fully managed by a PLC capable of articulating and coordinateing on its own all of the farm feeding equipment of a dairy farm.

To date, Valmetal still holds the top of the list with the largest quantity of “Autoration” (our automated feeding system ) installed in the world. This automation system consists of a control panel assembled by one of the Valmetal group of companies “Contrôles -A- Tech Drummond”, a PLC, a touch screen , a weighting system and all the needed equipment for conveying from silos , reserves or any other location , the programmed ingredients to the mixer, to get brewed and cut accurately and delivered to your herd  by feeder conveyors, rail distributors or motorized cart .


The Autoration V+ is the keystone to a better production. Whether you work in freestall or tie-stall, no doubt the Autoration V+ will make the diffrence !

Autoration V+