About us


We are customer-oriented and not product oriented; we always have the end-user in mind when developing a new product.


Valmetal is a manufacturing company that was founded in 1979 as a sub-contractor and manufacturer tailor-made farm feeding equipment in the area. Along the way and the need to stand out arising from a real business potential, it was not until 1983 that the Valmetal company has truly emerged with notably its first product line, which continues moreover now being distributed and sold: the silo unloader!

The story of a united family

Valmetal is the story of a continued success of course, but it is mostly the story of a united family, tireless builders and an intimate relationship with dairy farmers. Through the years, Valmetal has positioned permanently in the international market for the quality of its equipment, but also the flexibility and effectiveness of customer service dedicated to the well-being of its clients. So many times, he was asked what were the key to the success of the company, the answer was always work and passion! It is through the union of a true entrepreneurial passion that Valmetal brought together the best talent in the industry and produces the most lasting and the most efficient equipment on the market!


Our mission is to provide farmers (dairy and others) with innovative and reliable equipment to mechanize and automate the different chores of processing and distributing feed.


Concretely, in 2013, Valmetal is the largest North America farm equipment manufacturer in both production volume and variety! Over the past 15 years, more than a dozen of companies whose business was acquired and whose range of products, expertise and network have been introduced in the Valmetal service offer  (Badger farm equipment, the Agri-metal equipment farm  division, Hanson silo Unloaders, the Airablo farm equipment division …).

Valmetal specializes in the designing and the manufacturing of equipment to mechanize and automate most processes for the preparation and distribution of food to farm animals. Valmetal offers two product categories: farm equipment and automated systems.



Regarding automation systems ( robotic ), Valmetal was one of the first company in the world providing robotic feeding systems fully managed by a PLC capable of articulating and coordinateing on its own all of the farm feeding equipment of a dairy farm. To date, Valmetal still holds the top of the list with the largest quantity of “Autoration” (our automated feeding system ) installed in the world. This automation system consists of a control panel assembled by one of the Valmetal group of companies “Contrôles -A- Tech Drummond”, a PLC, a touch screen , a weighting system and all the needed equipment for conveying from silos , reserves or any other location , the programmed ingredients to the mixer, to get brewed and cut accurately and delivered to your herd  by feeder conveyors, rail distributors or motorized cart .


At present, Valmetal distributes its products through a network of dealers in over 30 countries around the world and on 4 continents! The company count on 125 employees for a  22 000 square meters production area.

Video made in 2013 by the National Bank as part of PME Award: Valmetal wons the “Exporting company of the year”

Our team

Valmetal is proud to count on the most experienced and performant employees of the country. A team dedicated to Valmetal values and to your needs…