Feeder Kit

The most efficient way to feed your herd/cattle

Feeder Kit

The valmetal feeder allows you to feed your herd with exceptional quality feed thanks to its ingenious operation, the low maintenance requirement and high level effeciency. From the mixer to the cow, the TMR keeps its uniformity and its consistency. All forage, grains, protein supplements, vitamins and minerals remain mixed as during the unloading, regardless of the lenght of the travel.

The cow is not able to sort out individual ingredients and must eat the very important, but less tasty roughage, along with the rest of the ration. No matter where the conveyor is installed, (inside or outside), above mangers or suspended from the ceiling, Valmetal feeder conveyors offer flexibility and efficiency, while ensuring an uniform feeding.

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A regular and continuing flow

The Belt Feeder is the perfect way to automate your feeding.

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Multiple configurations available

Feeder conveyors are safe, simple and thoroughly economical.

Available models

Regular feeder kit
Low profile feeder kit
Low profile feeder kit - 4 ways
Central feeder kit


In Action !


  • The space-saving design also saves on investment costs
  • Low maintenance costs, as it has few movable parts
  • Frequent feeding. The plough travels back and forth, guided by a wire and distributes feed several times each day

Many options available

  • Manual, automatic or electric tripper
  • Windboard and galvanized steel cover sections
  • Stationary plow
  • Center feeding kit

Convoyeur nourrisseur

  More information:

  • No matter the feeder kit, the Valmetal belt slides on a carriage driven by an industrial quality steel cable (impregnated with polypropylene or stainless steel) and the ration is plowed off the belt, on the desired side of the conveyor.
Convoyeur nourrisseur Convoyeur nourrisseur

How does the tripper works ?

The plow, at every complete revolution, contacts the tripper and changes from one side to the other allowing to feed the opposite side of the conveyor.

Convoyeur nourrisseur Convoyeur nourrisseur