Central silo unloader – V2000

Designed for high volume, in any type of silage

Central silo unloader – V2000

A VALMETAL distributor/unloader 2000 assures you of uniform distribution for greater compaction from wall to wall. Forage blown into the center of the silo is uniformly distributed and compacted by the 16 in. auger.

During unloading operations, the auger cuts and sweeps away from the silo wall to the center well, where feed flows freely onto the double chain conveyor below. Very high rates of both, loading and unloading, makes your forage operations much more efficient.

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Central silo unloader – V2000 photo

Wall Wheels & Chipper Wheel

The 10” diameter wall wheels are made of heavy-duty polyethylene to resist corrosion and breaking. Wheels are individually adjustable so that you can easily adjust to keep the silo walls clean.

Central silo unloader – V2000 photo

Collector ring totally enclosed

Electrical power is transferred from stationary to rotating part of the machine by extra-large brushes and thick copper alloy rings. Large taper roller bearings inside the housing
support the machine.


Central silo Unloader