Round bale feed cart – Bale unroller

Designed to ease and quicken the chore of feeding round bales of hay

Round bale feed cart – Bale unroller

The Valmetal bale unroller simplifies the distribution of silage and dry hay.

The Valmetal round bale distributor saves you a lot of time and without any effort.

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In Action !

How it works

All you have to do is to drive the cart to the big bale, pull down the two telescopic arms, push the two “spears” into the center of the roll and hoist it on board, drive to the feeding alley and engage the apron. The bale will unroll as you drive back in front of your cows.

Dérouleur à balles rondes - dérouleur Dérouleur à balle ronde


Stationary bale unroller


Stationary Bale Unroller