Pow’r Ring Silo Unloader

Pow’r Ring Silo Unloader

With over 50 years experience behind it, the Pow’r Ring leads the way when it comes to silo unloader technology. From its direct coupling drive, large 7’4” drive ring to the exclusive twin “Saber Edge” augers and Hi-Perform impeller, the Pow’R-Ring combines the best in power, reliability and performance.

- Adapts to your existing tripod or hexapod suspension.

- Models available for 14′-24′ diameter silos.

- Free floating drive system with direct coupling positive ring and gear tooth engagement design.

- Center position guide wheel provides balanced, positive ring drive performance and stability.

- Large 7’4” diameter channel drive ring made of 7-1/8” x 3/16” thick steel with 2” drive lip for outstanding ring drive leverage.

- Self-adjusting, spring-loaded cantilevered walking wheel holds wall cleaners snugly against the silo wall for smooth operation.

- Positive position torque arm assembly is built to last with no twisting or flexing.

- High performance 27” impeller provides high performance unloading at 993 RPM with tip speed of 7,019 feet per minute.

- “Saber Edge” augers with 16 degree forward pitch keep forage moving toward the center of the auger tube, for increased capacity and less wear.