Agri-Chopper – Big bale chopper

A powerful chopper / shredder for big bales

Agri-Chopper – Big bale chopper

The Agri-Chopper chops big bales of straw, cardboard or paper to make fluffy and spongy bedding. Thanks to its powerful blower, it can be used to spread bedding evenly up to 40’ (12 m) in free stall barns, hog barns and poultry barns.

Fast, accurate, the Agri-Chopper allows you to save time, energy as well as materials. Indeed, it has been proven that it takes twice as much compressed straw in comparison to chopped straw to make decent bedding, resulting in lower bedding cost and less manure handling.

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Adjustable deflector

To direct the flow, the deep sided chute has an adjustable deflector an can be pivoted 360° either manually or from the tractor (optional).

Agri-Chopper – Big bale chopper photo

Large tub

The large diameter tub features two (2) large doors to facilitate the loading of big bales when used inside farm buildings.

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  • Facilitates handling and distribution of large bales
  • Significantly reduces the cost of feed and bedding
  • Produces a more appetizing feed and ideal fiber length (as recommended by nutritionists)
  • Aids in the addition of hay in the ration for a more homogeneous mixture (TMR)
  • Produces a more effective litter using less material
  • Allows you to blow litter over a long distance or height (40 feet/12 m)
  • Saves you time and energy!

Improved feed quality

Designed to process big bales of hay, round or square, dry or wet (baleage), the Agri-Chopper:

  • helps to reduce the time spent on feeding,
  • aids in the addition of fiber in the diet
  • allows full utilization of forage bales (while significantly reducing losses on leftovers).

For producers who feed TMR, the Agri-Chopper:

  • allows the addition of the exact quantity of chopped hay into every recipe,
  • ensures a more thorough mix
  • lessens the stress on the mixer and extends its life

Accurate, fast and Durable

Under the rotor, a 16’’ (40 cm) diameter auger carries the chopped product into a powerful blower capable of projecting the ration over a distance of more than 40’ (12 m) (depending on density, moisture content, etc.

PTO driven, the sturdy rotor features rigid knives. Special blades are used to chop cardboard or paper. The weight of the rotor acts like a flywheel and minimizes stress on the tractor PTO. The large central tube reduces the possibility of twine wrapping.


H-5500 model: 90'' diameter for 60 HP

H-5600 model: 102'' diameter for 70 HP