TMR Stationary Four Auger Mixer

For a high quality TMR

TMR Stationary Four Auger Mixer

Heavy duty construction throughout. From the planetary gear box abd the augers to the frame, extra strength is built into every Valmetal TMR mixer

Valmetal TMR Four auger mixers are available with many options to face any situation.

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TMR Stationary Four Auger Mixer photo

Extreme drive system

Sprockets and heavy chains run in an enclosed oil bath to elimiate any contamination. Outside grease fitting bank for bearings on all models for easy maintenance.

TMR Stationary Four Auger Mixer photo

Four auger mixing system

The mixing augers are equipped with hay relief notches. The lower augers rotate against *cutting bars" to tear apart and trim the long stems during the mixing process


  • 5 models available: from 6 to 13 m³ (210 to 450 Pi³)
Mélangeur à vrille stationnaire AM 325 Mélangeur à vrille stationnaire AM 450


  • Block valves for tractor with only one set of hydraulic outlets
  • UHMW or stainless steel bottom and side liners
  • Manual flap
  • Hydraulic flap
  • Magnets in discharge flap
  • Special discharge conveyor lengths
  • For stationary model only: Electric door opening system.


Mélangeur à vrille Four auger mixer




AM210 model for 210 Ft³ capacity

AM270 model for 270 Ft³ capacity

AM325 model for 325 Ft³ capacity

AM375 model for 375 Ft³ capacity

AM450 model for 450 Ft³ capacity