Rail Ration distributor – DAF

Very high flexibility and performance

Rail Ration distributor – DAF

The Valmetal TMR Distributor (DAF) can be adapted to almost any barn configuration and run on any type of existing track.

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Rail Ration distributor – DAF photo

Painted steel

Rail Ration distributor – DAF photo

Stainless steel


In Action !


  • Moving and unloading programmable speed (per group) per recipes
  • Left or right programmable unloading option
  • 0 to 70 feet/min (21 meter/min) speed
  • New generation touchscreen for more accessibility
  • 20 programmable actions for the entire system (ex: slow motion in curves , pause action, opening door action, ...)
  • Ecological : Without any gas emissions, quiet, the Valmetal DAF is driven by regular AC motor

Other specifications

DAF is an alternative to the conveyor feeder. more and more dairy farmers acknowledge the effectiveness of the daf feeder :

  • to supply the TMR managed by Valmetal’s Autoration
  • to distribute silage directly from silos
  • because, contrary to other alternatives (such as motorized carts), food never comes into contact with any wheel, which ensures its freshness and quality.

Optional weight system. Except the two loadcells, all components are integrated into the control panel

  • Able to perform some inclinations(of the trail), the DAF is also available with a dual drive
  • Grease bank
  • Programmable oscillation for optimal loading

Also available with :

  • Bumpers with programmable emergency stop at each end
  • Détection d’obstacles par sonde ultrasonique
  • Obstacle detection by ultrasonic probe
  • Warning light or telephone reporting problem (in case of alarm)
  • Detection of conveyor rotation of the DAF
  • Photoelectric sensor load option (ex: greater accuracy when it is used with autoration, smart panel unloader …)


programmable start times

programmable load positions

sequences of 24 steps with full control of the order of actions

passes / group (max.)

programmable park positions

groups managed