Roller Mill

Save money by grinding your own grain for feed

Roller Mill

Reduce your costs by processing all types of grain without intermediaries (wheat, barley, oats, corn). All Valmetal Roller Mills produce a crumbled, fluffy feed that is easier for your livestock to digest than pressure-flaked feed. Get precise particle size every time.

When choosing the Valmetal Roller mill, you receive the years of experience we have to offer in assisting you in producing the best possible feed for your lifestock. It is also a great piece of equipment for making beer in microbreweries.

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Available models

Basic 2R12 Model
2R12 model with proportioners
4R12 Model with proportioners
4R12 Dual hoppers and reserves
4R12 with double hopper


Roller Mill


  • Easy roller setting. A single lever sets both rolls in seconds so you get the desired texture (2 levers on 4R12 models)
  • 1 3/4″ (4,5 cm) diameter shafts withstand the severe pressure of rolling grain.
  • Roller are made of high carbon steel, hardened ( 60 Rockwell C) for exceptional durability.
  • A single 1/4 Hp AC motor drives all the proportioners. This is why our system always provides the most precise ration.
  • Each measuring auger is controlled by a roller which features 25 retractable pins to properly measure each ingredient in the ration. To that, add the option of 4 different auger sizes and you have 100 possible adjustements per compartment.
  • Measuring augers positive drive.
  • The measuring rollers can be switched from “neutral” to “engaged” very quickly, saving tour valuable time. Each auger has its own access door to avoid the risk of spilling the other ingredients. It is also possible to add more proportioners at any time.