Hammer mill


Hammer mill

Save money by processing your grains directly on the farm. Two models and several options and accessories are available so that your hammer mill is optimized according to your needs.

Hammer mill photo


Hammer mill photo



Moulange EN



  • The hammers, sharpened on both sides are reversible for longer life and less power requirement. Made of high carbon steel and heat treated, they offer high resistance to abrasion and shocks.
  • Full width double walled door on wheels with external safety switch. For easy access and safe maintenance
  • The basic hammer mill features a 5″ diameter inlet with adjustable gate.
  • No V belt and pulley, the hammer hub us mounted directly on the motor shaft, The mill requires at 3450 rpm motor, either a 7, 5, 10 or 15 Hp depending on desired capacity.

The 14A75 Hammer Mill

This model can be equipped with advanced and reliable proportioners. Our patented positive drive measuring system is easy to set and maintain. A single 1/4 HP AC motor drives all the proportioners. This is why our system always provides the most precise ration. Each measuring auger is controlled by a roller which features 25 retractable pins to properly measure each ingredient in the ration. To that, add the option of 4 different auger sizes and you have 100 possible adjustments per compartment.